March 29th 2020

We lost 2 Loving friends that will always be family to me R.I.P Angels

I cannot even breathe when I was told, I could barely sleep, they loved me as I loved them like family, Natalya promised they would come see me when I got better from cancer, she told me she loved me and we were best friends for always but always was cut way to damn short. We didn’t get to explore nyc together, I didnt get my last hugs. I love them so much that it hurts me to even say they’re gone. Mickayla used to always say, Erika I know we’re not related but you’re like an aunt, a real cool aunt I can talk to about anything and be for real honest. She lit up a room with her smile, her laugh and man could she cook. She loved Natalya with all her might. I don’t know why it happened, the family is left with missing pieces of their hearts and so many unanswered questions. I won’t be able to make it to Kansas to say my farewell but the best I can do is share my love for these beautiful souls. Please help the people that treated me like family when I was in a place where I knew no one, please help my Kansas family with the burden of money and help them just mourn their loss. I can’t even imagine what Mickayla’s Mom, Dad and Grandmas and grandpops are going through losing their eldest baby girls and first grandbaby and great grandbaby or Marcus losing his sister, everyone lost these amazing angels. My sincerest condolences to their family and friends. It kills me inside, all of this, it’s not fair, it’s not right, they were so young. I always told them I missed them but this miss is so different, we won’t ever see them again. So please if you can please spare any kind of change and if you can’t please share the fundraiser which is in right below.

I know I have more photos but going through my harddrive would’ve just been too hard so these are photos I took and had posted online.


Day 1: #ChallengetheRainbow by @conciously_beautiful @opportunitied
Products used:
@peterthomasrothofficial water drench
@belifusa eye bomb
@algenist eye balm
@toofaced Peach perfect in Shortbread
@tartecosmetics park Avenue princess bronzer
@physiciansformula Butter light brozer & natural glow butter blush
@beccacosmetics hydra mist setting powder
@doseofcolors date night
Products used on eyes:
@marykayus concealer beige 1
@nyxcosmetics glitter glue
@anastasiabeverlyhills Carli Bybel Stev
@juviasplace Warrior 3 kahina
@colourpopcosmetics brick road & sss in Muse
#colourpopcosmetics strawberry shake-daiquiri
@ucanbemakeup red in Monroe Walk & red glitter in Starry Palette.
@pudaiercosmetics line #01 Rickstar
@narsissist climax mascara

#bnswatchparty Book theme

#bnswatchparty Colors Inspired by a Book
By; @bnbylauren
@colourpopcosmetics brick road, tide pool, mary Jane, sunkiss’d, do or gough, hard place
Sss: coconut, muse, daddy, telepathy.
This one was fun to pick out because pippi never let anything bring her down, she was independent and just put there and loved her colors.

Fortheskin Cica pack

I received for the skin by lab, Fortheskin Cica original pack complimentary for my honest opinion. I’ve only been using it for a couple of days before bed, it is meant to be good for whitening of dark spots, aniti wrinkle and recover moisture of the skin. so far I’ve really enjoyed it and it has so great ingredients and its smells natural jasmine it has a natural green color , the cica original pack is 82% centella asiatica extract which is the key ingredient for excellent effects on skin improvement. It takes care of sedation moisturization and anti aging all at once. I love that it’s more of a gel consistency and very little can go a long way and it absorbs quickly. The Moisturizer is for Sensitive skin, Troubled skin, Dry skin, Lack of elasticity, Damaged skin,(to strengthen the barier and remove dead skin cells) etc.
Fun Fact: CENTELLA ASIATICA is an ingredient that has been used in Oriental medicine since ancient times. It is said that the wounded tiger healed the inflammation and the wounds by rubbing itself in the grass of Centella asiatica. It’s an ingredient of such excellent efficacy. I would definitely recommend.


When a mermaid finally has the energy to do her makeup and take loads of #selfies , don’t mind if I do, lol. Today I wanted to show some love to the #TooFaced Sparkling Pineapple #Eyeshadow #palette and wanted to show off some swatches and use every shadow in the palette on my eye, I’m really loving this look even though it is a bit plain Jane for my usual looks. After I took the pictures the colors started to melt and blend nicely, you really cant tell I have all 7 shades on my eyes but that’s ok because I love it and I hope you love this because I will hopefully be putting more content up like this when I have the energy. Oh yeah, Hello New Glasses, Thank you for helping my migraines not be as bad!
@docolor_official #13 neon green
@luxiebeauty #243 precision blending
@elfcosmetics blending eye brush (white)
@bhcosmetics #9
@marykayus beige 1 #concealer
@toofaced Sparkling Pineapple
@kkwbeauty Mascara
@lorealusa Bambi #mascara
@laneige_us berry lip mask
@maybelline Supee Stay Ink Crayon #10 Trust Your Gut
@elfcosmetics liquid eyeliner
@muradskincare acne cleanser
@belifusa moisturizing eye bomb
@algenist eye renewal balm
@peterthomasrothofficial Water Drench hyaluronic cloud cream hydrating

Chicken Picatta

Loreal influenster

Two posts ago I gave my honest review about 4 different mascaras and though I haven’t had this long I wore it yesterday and today, I did the comparison today since I was a able to wear it since earlier today. I genuinely enjoyed this product, I did not have to curl my lashes because 1 dip was enough to volumize with it’s long & short bristles it curls and make the eyes look wide-eyed. Thank you for the opportunity to try @lorealparis @lorealusa Bambi Eye #mascara #complimentary for my honest opinion. We’ll see how this hold up long term but fantastic right out of the packaging is a first for me with my stubby lashes.
From far away you cant really tell but I had a hard time with this liner, its more of a felt tip and it was skipping a lot and it was hard to fill in the blanks, let’s get up close and personal.

Swatch Party

I joined a swatch party and made some new friends during this crazy pandemic os isolation from covid. There have been days im just simply too tired, I haven’t even edited the colors on my arms for week 6 and 7 but I’ll show you swatches for gold, corals and movie inspired for now

I’m not sure what happened with the first photo, maybe I didnt catch it in the right light but I swear the swatches were there lol maybe its cause the sun was brighter the first time around taking pictures路‍♀️臘‍♀️ Left Picture:
Chaga- JP Thre Tribe Palette
Bakwa- JP Warrior Palette
The Gemini- CP x Katheleen Lights The Zodiac
So Meta, Single Shadow CP
Inheritance- ABH Riviera
Moo & My Angel’s- ABH Carli Bybel
Oh my Ganache- TF Totally Bananas
Sparkling pineapple- TF Sparkling Pineapple
Golden girl- BH Its My RayeRaye
Aquarius- BH Zodiac
2 Gold- BH Take me back fo Brazil Rio edition
Pleather Python- Marc Jacob’s Edgitorial
Telepathy- Cp SSS
Right Picture:
Almost Burnt- Zoeva Caramel Malange mini
Toucan & Lioness- CR Safari Raine
Your Majesty- CR Queen Of Hearts
Rose & Nightingale- CR Cheers to the Beauty
Forse & Shell Yeah- Pudaier Hidden Gems
Stranded- Belonging Palette- Ucanbe
Gold Glitter- Starry Palette- Ucanbe
Eden- Twilight & Dusk Palette – UCanbe
1 Gold- Chocofusion- Ucanbe
1 Gold- Spotlight Palette- Ucanbe
Sunshine- Fruit Pie Filling- Ucanbe
#bnswatchparty Gold Edition
Check out Lauren’s page @bnbylauren and ask about any projects to join.